Finished Goods Warehouse Masters


1.1. This job description defines the functional duties, rights and responsibilities of the finished goods warehouse foreman.

1.2. The foreman of the warehouse for finished products is appointed to the position and dismissed in accordance with the procedure established by the current labor legislation by order of the director of the enterprise.

1.3. The Finished Goods Warehouse Master reports directly to the Technical Director.

1.4. A person with a secondary vocational (technical) education and work experience in similar positions for at least 3 years is appointed to the position of a foreman of a warehouse for finished products.

1.5. The master of the warehouse for finished products must know: legislation, organizational and administrative documents of higher organizations related to warehousing; organization and technology of warehousing; organization of accounting for warehouse operations, the necessary documentation for stored inventory items; conditions for acceptance, storage, release of stored inventory items; scientific and technical achievements and experience in organizing storage facilities; fundamentals of economics, organization of production, labor and management; labor legislation; Internal labor regulations; rules and norms of labor protection; safety regulations, industrial sanitation and hygiene, fire safety, civil defense.


Warehouse foreman:

2.1. Manages the work of receiving, storing and issuing inventory items in warehouses, their placement, taking into account the most rational use of storage space, facilitating and accelerating the search and release, as well as the safety of inventory items.

2.2. Ensures the safety of stored inventory items, compliance with storage regimes, keeping records of warehouse operations.

2.3. Ensures compliance with the rules for registration and delivery of income and expenditure documents, preparation of established reporting.

2.4. Monitors the availability and serviceability of fire fighting equipment, the condition of the premises, equipment and inventory in the warehouse and ensures their timely repair.

2.5. Organizes vacation, acceptance of inventory items, loading and unloading operations at the warehouse in compliance with the rules of labor protection, safety, industrial sanitation and fire protection; collection, storage and timely return of returnable packaging to suppliers.

2.6. Participates in the inventory of inventory items.

2.7. Monitors the state of safety and takes measures to eliminate the identified deficiencies, violations of the rules of industrial sanitation, non-compliance with work instructions on labor protection.

Ensures compliance with production and labor discipline by employees, makes proposals for the imposition of disciplinary sanctions on violators.


The master of the finished goods warehouse has the right to:

3.1. Request and receive the necessary materials and documents related to the performance of his functional duties.

3.2. Enter into relationships with departments and officials of third-party institutions and organizations to resolve operational issues of production activities within the competence.

3.3. Represent the interests of the enterprise in third-party organizations on issues related to functional duties.


The Finished Goods Warehouse Manager is responsible for:

4.1. The results and efficiency of the production activities of warehouses in general.

4.2. Improper performance or non-performance of their official duties provided for by this job description – within the limits determined by the current labor legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as the work of the enterprise’s subordinate services on issues of production activities.

4.3. Inaccurate information about the status of work.

4.4. Failure to comply with orders, orders and instructions from the administration of the enterprise.

4.5. Failure to take measures to suppress the identified violations of safety regulations, fire and other rules that pose a threat to the activities of the enterprise and its employees.

4.6. He is responsible for the safe operation and performance of work with lifting machines and mechanisms in the warehouse of finished products.


5.1. The mode of operation of the master of the finished goods warehouse is determined in accordance with the Internal Labor Regulations established at the enterprise.

5.2. Due to production needs, they may be sent on business trips (including local ones).

5.3. To resolve operational issues to ensure production activities, official vehicles can be allocated.

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