Finger gymnastics "Grandma's Pancakes"

Grandma baked delicious pancakes,

She called all her grandchildren to dine: (arbitrary movements with the hands)

Masha, Tanya and Seryozha,

Kira, Vanya and Antosha. (bend fingers)

Everyone sits at the table together, (we clench our fists)

After all, you need to have lunch! (unclench fists, vigorous shaking with hands)

Grease the pancakes with jam, (stroke one palm with the other)

Say “thank you” to grandma! (clench and unclench fists)

Finger gymnastics “Squirrel”

A squirrel sits in a cart

Sells for nuts.


(Children alternately bend their fingers)

Sparrow, titmouse,

(From the little finger to the big one).

Bear fat-fifth,

Zainka mustachioed,

To whom in a scarf, to whom in a mouth,

Who cares.

Finger gymnastics “Anniversary at the perch”

The whole family of minnows

(with palms show “fish”)

Perch called for an anniversary.

(make inviting gestures with both palms)

He put them at the table

(put hand on fist)

I poured tea into their cups,

(put fist on palm)

Served jam in vases,

(round the palms, spread the fingers)

And on a saucer – cookies.

(round the palms, put one into the other)

The pike swam past

(with palms show “fish”)

And I saw the feast.

(show binoculars)

Perch called the pike into the house,

(make inviting gestures with both palms)

He treated the pike to tea.

(put fist on palm)

Pike did not want tea:

(we threaten with fingers)

“I would eat minnows!”

(Pinch fingers together)

They had to leave quickly.

(with palms show “fish”)

What a glorious anniversary!

(we spread our arms to the side)

Finger gymnastics “Kolenka”

The knee is good

(stroking the left hand)

Kolya is handsome

(stroking the right hand)

Walk along the path

(index and middle fingers of both hands step)

Stomp (put out a fist),

Kolya (put the palm on the edge),

Scissor (show palm).

Finger gymnastics “The chicken went out for a walk”

The hen went out for a walk

(walk with two fingers – index and middle – of each hand),

Pinch fresh grass

(pinching movements with all fingers of each hand),

And behind her guys –

yellow chicks

(run with all fingers of both hands).

“Ko-ko-ko, ko-ko-ko

(clap hands)

Don’t go far

(threaten with the finger of the dominant hand),

Row with your paws

(rowing movements with each finger of both hands at the same time, thumbs fix palms at the edge of the table),

Looking for grains “

(children collect grains alternately with two fingers of each hand or both hands at the same time: large – index, large – middle, etc.).

Finger gymnastics “My fingers will tell”

My fingers will tell

(clap hands with spread fingers)

What they can – everyone will show:

(the fingers of the same name of both hands touch each other 4 times).

There are five on each hand.

(shows outstretched fingers).

They can do anything, they will always help.

(clap their hands).

They play the flute

(hereinafter the movements correspond to the text),

The ball is thrown

Laundry is washed

The floor is being swept

Pinch, caress –

Five and five of my nimble fingers

(show fingers of both hands).

Finger gymnastics “Once upon a time there was a bunny”

Once upon a time there was a bunny –

(clap hands)

Long ears

(three fingers in a fist, index and middle – ears).

Frostbitten bunny

(squeeze and unclench the fingers of both hands)

Spout on the edge

(rubbing nose).

frostbitten nose

(squeeze and unclench the fingers of both hands),

Frostbite ponytail

(stroking the cat)

And went to warm up

(turn steering wheel)

Visit the kids.

It’s warm and quiet

(clench fists of both hands)

no wolf

(clap hands)

And they give carrots for lunch

(stroke the stomach with the palm of the leading hand clockwise).

Finger gymnastics “Foma rides a chicken”

Knocking, strumming down the street –

(banging fist on fist)

Thomas rides a chicken

(the elbow of the right hand rests on the table, the thumb and forefinger form a “beak”, the rest represent a comb).

Timoshka – on a cat

(the elbow of the right hand rests on the table, the index and little fingers form ears, the middle and ring fingers are tightly pressed to the palm)

On a crooked path

(with the edge of the palm they represent movement along a curve on the table).

Finger gymnastics “Pig Nenila”

Pig Nenila

(clap hands)

Sonny praised

(patting themselves on the head)

– That’s pretty!

(Stroking the hands of the right hand.)

That’s pretty!

(Stroking the hands of the left hand.)

walks sideways

(the edge of the leading hand is led along the table),

Crochet ponytail

(show index fingers of both hands)

Heeled nose

(put fist on fist and nose).

Finger gymnastics “How are you?”

How are you?

– Like this!

(Thumbs of both hands – up, the rest are gathered into a fist)

Do you swim?

– Like this!

(Hands represent the movement of the swimmer.)

How do you run?

– Like this!

(Hands bent at the elbows, movement along the body)

Are you looking into the distance?

– Like this!

(Alternately apply palms to the flask)

Are you following?

– Like this!

(Energetic hand movements)

Do you sleep at night?

– Like this!

(Palms under the head.)

Are you kidding?

– Like this!

(Fists of both hands clap on puffed cheeks.)

Finger gymnastics “Gnomes”

Once upon a time there were gnomes

(Forefinger and thumb indicate size)

In a wonderful house.

(palms folded in the form of a roof)

Dwarf dad chopped wood

(We hit the palm with the edge of the brush)

The dwarf son carried them to the house,

(grasping hand movements)

Dwarf mom cooked soup

(Brushes are rounded, spherical movements)

Dwarf daughter salted him,

(Fingers folded into a pinch)

Gnome-grandmother knitted,

(Imitate knitting)

The gnome-aunt was washing,

(Rubbing hands together)

Grandfather opened the window

Invited all my friends to visit!

(With both hands we make an inviting gesture to ourselves)

Finger gymnastics “Gyaznuli”

Who doesn’t brush their teeth

Doesn’t wash with soap

(fingers alternately, starting with the index, “hello” with the thumbs),

He can grow

Painful, frail

(palms are placed one above the other, depicting the growth of the child).

Befriend the filthy

Only dirty

(fingers are connected in a lock),

who themselves

Drowned in the mud

(movement imitating a swimmer).

They grow

Nasty bullies

(fingers clench into a fist, then straighten, arms bent at the elbows, palms one after another near the nose),

They are being chased

Angry dogs

(hands forward, the right palm lies on the left, the fingers are slightly bent, each finger of the right hand touches the same finger of the left hand).

Dirty afraid

Water and colds

And sometimes they don’t grow at all!

(arms crossed on chest, bend, straighten, raise arms up).

Finger gymnastics “Castle”

There is a lock on the door

(rhythmic joints of the fingers in the lock),

Who could open it?


(hands reach out to the sides)


(circular movements of the fingers away from you),


(the bases of the palms knock against each other)

And opened

(spread fingers).

Finger gymnastics “Come on, brothers, get to work!”

Come on brothers, let’s get to work.

(alternately unbend fingers, starting with the thumb).

Show your passion:

Big wood to chop,

Stoke everything for you,

And you carry water

And you cook dinner

And you wash the dishes.

And then sing songs to everyone,

Songs to sing and dance

(wiggle all fingers vigorously)

To amuse our children.

Finger gymnastics “Hello!”

Hello golden sun!

Hello blue sky!

Hello, free breeze,

Hello little oak tree!

We live in the same region –

I welcome you all

(with the fingers of the right hand, take turns “hello” with the fingers of the left hand,

patting them with the tips).

Finger gymnastics “My family”

This finger is a grandfather

This finger is a grandmother,

This finger is daddy

This finger is mommy

And this finger is me.

(Alternate extension of fingers clenched into a fist, starting with the thumb)

That’s the whole family!

(Clenching into a fist and unclenching all fingers at the same time)

Finger gymnastics “It’s time to go to kindergarten!”

This finger wants to sleep

This finger jumped into bed

This finger curled up

This finger is already asleep.

The fingers are up. Hooray!

It’s time to go to kindergarten!

Finger gymnastics “Vyushki-Vyushki”

Views, views, views view.

(Hands are clenched in front of you into fists. Rotate your fists around each other. Say the text in a low voice)

I’m beating mallets.

I’m pinning.

I’m nailing it.

(Bang fist on fist: alternate 2 hits – right hand on top, 2 hits – left hand on top)


(Show index fingers of both hands)

Views, views, views view.

(Rotate index fingers in front of you around each other. Pronounce the text in a normal voice – medium height)

I’m beating mallets.

I’m pinning.

I’m nailing it.

(Knock with the index finger of the right hand on the index finger of the left hand – from top to bottom, and vice versa)


(Clench hands into fists and show little fingers)

Views, views, views view.

(Rotate the little fingers around each other in front of you. Pronounce the text in a thin voice)

I’m beating mallets.

I’m pinning.

I’m nailing it.

(Knock the little finger of the right hand on the little finger of the left hand – from top to bottom, and vice versa)


(Press the tip of the nose with your index finger)

Finger gymnastics “Kiselek”

Grandma cooked kissel

(The right hand “stirs the jelly”)

On the hillock

(The fingertips of the right and left hands are connected, the hands diverge at an angle)

In a turtle.

(Rounded palms, closing, form a pot-turtle)

For Andryushka.

(The palm of the right hand rests on the chest)

Flew, flew falcon

Through the grandmother’s threshold.

(Palms crossed, thumbs clinging to each other. Wave crossed palms like wings)

Here he beat his wings,

Grandma’s jelly spilled.

(Hands hit strongly on the sides several times, then stretch forward and down, fingers spread apart)

Here and there is no kissel

(Hands apart)

In a turtle.

At the old lady

(Hands show turtle pot again)

On the hill.

(Hands show the slide again)

Grandma cries: “Ai-ai-ai!”

(Hands “wipe away tears”)

Don’t cry, grandma, don’t cry!

(The index finger of the right hand “threatens the grandmother”)

So that you become cheerful

We will make jelly

(Right hand stirs jelly again)

Wow so much.

(Hands diverge wide-wide to the sides)

Finger gymnastics “Goat”

The goat came out

From the new canopy.

(The left hand depicts a goat; the middle and ring fingers are bent, the thumb presses them from below; the little finger and index finger are straightened. This position is maintained throughout the game)

Bending his neck

“Give me some bread!”

(Right hand clenched into a fist, bent at the wrist)

Exposed horn:

“Give me a pie!”

(Right hand clenched into a fist, middle finger extended)

Stretched out his hoof:

“Give me some water to drink!”

(The right hand folds into a “boat”)

During the game, both hands move back and forth in time with the words, “butting” the air. When the game is repeated, the roles of the hands change.

Finger gymnastics “My house”

Let my house be braided and crooked,

Look how handsome he is!

You see – from the window

The cat came out!

(Put your palms together, forming a “roof.” Look at the “house” from all sides)

The wind howls: “Whoo!

I’ll tear the house to shreds!”

(Strongly blow on the “house”)

But he is strong, my house,

Though he is oblique and crooked!

(Bring your palms together, shake your joined palms left and right)

Let the wind howl for a week –

My house will cover me!

(Raise the “roof” over your head)

Finger gymnastics “Dishes”

One two three four,

(alternating hand clapping and fist bumps)

We washed the dishes

(one palm slides over the other in a circle)

Teapot, cup, ladle, spoon

And a big ladle.

(bend fingers one at a time, starting with the big one)

We just broke a cup

The bucket also fell apart

The teapot’s nose broke off.

We broke the spoon a little.

(unbend fingers one at a time, starting with the big one)

So we helped mom!

(bang fists against each other, clap)

Finger gymnastics “Weather”

Cold. Autumn. my fingers

Amicably scold autumn days.

(Bring folded hands to your mouth and warm them with your breath)

Baby finger complains:

“Oh oh oh!

What a cold!

(Fingers are clenched into a fist. Bend and unbend the little finger on both hands)

The index finger whispers softly:


What if it snows?”

(Fingers are clenched into a fist. Bend and unbend the index finger)

The middle finger grumbles:

“Oh oh oh!

I’m deaf from the wind!”

(Bend and unbend the middle finger)

The ring finger screams:

“Ah ah ah!

Sun, get out!

(Bend and unbend the ring finger)

The big thumb exclaims:


Too bad I’m not wearing boots!


Give me a cover!”

(bend and unbend thumb)

This exercise can be performed first with the right and then with the left hand.

Finger gymnastics “Flower”

A tall flower grew in a clearing,

(connect the wrists, spread the palms to the sides, slightly round the fingers)

Opened the petals on a spring morning.

(spread fingers)

All petals beauty and nourishment

(rhythmically move fingers together-separately)

Together they give underground roots.

(palms down, press the back side to each other, fingers apart)

Finger gymnastics “Finger went out for a walk”

One, two, three, four, five,

(claps to the count)

Finger went out for a walk.

(the index finger of the right hand moves in a circle in the center of the left palm)

He just left the gate – looking, another one is coming towards him.

(middle finger joins)

It’s fun to go together, come on, third, come out.

(then unnamed)

Together we will stand in a round dance – Here!

(clap, repeat movements with the left hand on the right palm)

Finger gymnastics “Building a house”

All day long knock and knock – a ringing knock is heard.

(hands clenched into fists, thumb raised up, tapping on index fingers)

Hammers are knocking

(banging fist on fist)

We are building a house for children (hare, squirrels).

(fingers connect, show “roof”)

What a nice house

(squeeze-unclench fingers)

How well we live.

(rotate hands)

Finger gymnastics “Who has arrived?”

Who has arrived? We, we, we.

(clap with fingertips)

Mom, mom, is that you? Yes Yes Yes.

(clap with the tips of the thumbs and forefingers)

Dad, dad, is that you? Yes Yes Yes.

(thumbs and middle fingers)

Brother, brother, is that you? Yes Yes Yes.

(thumbs and ring fingers)

Oh sister, is that you? Yes Yes Yes.

(thumbs and little fingers)

Finger gymnastics “Friendship”

Boys and girls are friends in our group.

(connect fingers in a “lock”)

We will make friends with little fingers.

(touching the fingertips of both hands)

One, two, three, four, five – start counting again.

(pair touch of fingers from the little fingers)

One, two, three, four, five – we finished counting.

(arms down, shake hands)

Finger gymnastics “Walk”

Let the fingers go for a walk

(hands clenched into fists, thumbs “run” on the table)

And the second to catch up.

(index fingers run across the table)

Third fingers running

(middle fingers)

And the fourth on foot.

(ring fingers)

Fifth finger jumped

(touch the table rhythmically with both little fingers)

And at the end of the road he fell.

(slam fists on table)

Finger gymnastics “Yablonka”

There is an apple tree by the road

(weave hands over head, fingers unclenched)

An apple is hanging on a branch.

(put wrists together)

I shook the branch strongly,

(arms above head, moving back and forth)

Here we have an apple.

(palms in front of the chest, imitate holding an apple)

I’ll drink into a sweet apple,

(connect wrists, spread palms)

Ah, what a nice taste.

Finger gymnastics “Who did you meet in the forest?”

One, two, three, four, five – the children went for a walk in the forest.

(“walk” on the table with the middle and index fingers of both hands)

A fox lives there.

(hand show the tail behind the back)

A deer lives there.

(fingers spread apart)

A badger lives there.

(fists pressed to the chin)

A bear lives there.

(hands down, imitate the swaying of a bear)

Finger gymnastics “Five and five”

Five and five went for a walk. It’s fun to play together.

( squeezingunclenching fingers)

Turned around, smiled

( rotation of hands)

They turned into a fist again. Here are some good fellows!

( banging fists)

Finger gymnastics “Rain is dripping”

The rain is dripping, the rain is dripping. Cap-cap-cap. Cap-cap-cap.

( Fingers of both hands tap on the table)

Finger gymnastics “Salting cabbage”

We cut cabbage

(movements with straight brushes up and down)

We three carrots

(fingers of both hands are clenched into fists, fists move towards and away from themselves)

We salt the cabbage

(imitate sprinkling with salt from a pinch)

We are eating cabbage.

(squeeze and unclench fingers)

Finger gymnastics “Call”

“Call”. The arms are bent, resting on the elbows. Shake your hands in turn. Stroking. Smooth out a piece of paper with the palm of your right hand while holding it with your left hand, and vice versa. tapping. Tap on the table with a relaxed right hand, and then with your left hand.

Finger gymnastics “Deers”

“Deers”. Raise your crossed arms above your head with fingers wide apart (“horns”). Tighten your arms, spread your fingers with force. Then drop your hands on your knees, relax.

Look: we are deer!

The wind blows towards us!

The wind died down.

Straighten your shoulders

Hands on your knees again.

And now – a little laziness.

Finger gymnastics “Barbell”

“Barbell”. Get up. Imagine lifting a heavy barbell. Bend over, “take” her. Clench your fists. Raise your hands slowly. They are tense. Hard! Hold the bar. Drop her.

We’re getting ready for the record

Let’s play sports.

We raise the bar from the floor …

Hold tight… and let’s go!

Our muscles are not tired –

And become even more obedient!

Finger gymnastics “Cams”

“Fists”. Squeeze your fingers tightly into a fist (hands lie on your knees) so that the bones turn white. Now relax your hands.

Hands on my knees

The fists are clenched.

Strong, tense

The fingers are pinched.

Finger gymnastics “Finger on finger”

Finger on finger softly beat, (2 times)

And then we beat loudly with our hands,

Clap your hands – bom. (3 times)

Finger gymnastics “Hands on your knees”

Hands on knees, fists clenched

Strongly tense, fingers pressed.

We squeeze our fingers harder.

Let go, let go.

Know, girls and boys,

Rest your fingers.

Finger gymnastics “Guests”

Masha began to convene guests:

And Ivan come, and Stepan come,

And Matvey come, and Sergey come,

And Nikitushka – well, please.

(rotation of the hands towards you. Alternate massage of the fingers on both hands)

Finger gymnastics “Turkey”

A turkey from the city is coming, A new toy is lucky.

The toy is not simple, the toy is painted.

(fingers of both hands “go” on the table)

Finger gymnastics “New sneakers”

Like our cat has boots on its feet,

Like our pigs have boots on their feet.

And the dog has blue slippers on its paws.

A little goat puts on boots.

And son Vovka – new sneakers.

(bend fingers, starting with the big one)

Like this. Like this. New sneakers.

(“walk” on the table with the middle and index fingers of both hands)

Finger gymnastics “House and gate”

There is a house in the meadow,

(fingers of both hands make a “roof”)

Well, the way to the house is closed.

(hands turned palms to the chest,

the middle fingers are in contact, the thumbs are upthe “gate”.

We open the gate

(palms open)

We invite you to this house.


Finger gymnastics “One, two, three…”

One, two, three, four, five,

(curl fingers)

The fingers went out for a walk.

(stroking palms)

This finger is the strongest

The thickest and largest.

This finger is for

To show it.

This finger is the longest

And he stands in the middle.

This is a ring finger

He is the spoiled one.

And the little finger, though small,

Very smart and daring.

One, two, three, four, five,

(bend fingers)

The fingers went out for a walk.

(stroking palms)

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