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The purpose of CAD JULIVI is to automate the work of the designer and layout. The offer is built on the principle of modular selection. You have the opportunity to create a software product according to your needs.

CAD JULIVI meets the current requirements for both mass production and the production of clothing for individual orders.

The 3D-modeling program, which is part of the JULIVI complex, can significantly increase the flexibility and efficiency of the experimental workshop. This program is based on the use of a three-dimensional mannequin.

With the help of this program, a clothing designer can work out his ideas on the overall design of a model: color schemes, the use of VARIOUS article numbers of materials from which he plans to embody a new product, the selection of silhouette lines.

The use of the 3D-modeling program allows the designer to get rid of trial stitching and check the correctness of the developed design, because putting the model on the mannequin in the program shows with a fairly high degree of realism how it will look in finished form. This degree of realism is created by taking into account such important details as:

mechanical and physical properties of the fabric,

the interaction of fabric with the mannequin,

visual properties of the material.

The complex “JULIVI” also includes the following programs:

“Clothes Designer” – a set of programs for the development of clothing design, modeling, gradation of patterns for all clothing sizes;

The “Construction of clothing design-Design” module, which is part of the programs for the designer, allows you to build the basic foundations of clothing “from scratch”;

“Pattern spreader” – a program for laying out patterns in the flooring; it may include the “Automatic spreader” module, which lays out patterns automatically;

“Table of measures” – a program for compiling a table of measurements of a product in finished form, as well as measurements of cut patterns;

“Scheme of duplication” – a program for the formation of a scheme for duplicating the materials of the product;

“Archivator” – a program for entering paper and cardboard patterns into the system;

“Converter” – a program for converting information from VARIOUS clothing CAD systems to the JULIVI system, as well as from the JULIVI system to dxf format.

“ISO file optimizer” – a program for optimizing pattern cutting for automatic cutting systems;

“Plotter control” – a program for outputting patterns and layouts of patterns for drawing on a plotter, as well as sending to an automatic cutting complex layouts generated in the AWS program “Pattern spreader” in the form of ISO-files.

The use of programs for the designer speeds up its work by 5-6 times, with programs for the spreader – the cutting efficiency increases by 10 times.

The “Automatic nesting” module allows you to create layouts in automatic mode, without an operator. The 3D-modeling program speeds up the preparation of the model for production by 5 times due to the fact that it eliminates the need for intermediate trial sewing.

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