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Procedure name • Description of the procedure Cost, rub.
Darsonvalization Impact on the skin and nerve endings with high frequency and low voltage currents using various electrodes. Direction of the method: skin lifting, normalization of the function of the sebaceous glands, anesthesia, hair therapy.
Ultrasonic face cleaning The procedure for removing dead horny scales, superficial comedones, secretion of sebaceous glands, makeup residues from the surface of the skin under the action of ultrasonic vibrations. Direction of the method: cleansing the skin, preparing the skin for the introduction of cosmetics into the deep layers of the skin.
Ultrasonic massage A complex effect on the body of ultrasonic vibrations and active cosmetic products, providing micromassage of the cell, intercellular space, tissues. Direction of the method: introduction (creation of a “depot”) of low-molecular cosmetics into the deep layers of the skin, restoration of tone, skin turgor (lifting the skin of the face), ultrasonic facial massage.
Ultrasonic phonophoresis
Pulse micromassage The impact of microcurrents on tissues in order to more evenly distribute the liquid or partially remove it. Orientation : elimination of swelling of tissues, cleansing the body, strengthening immunity, care for flabby, atonic skin of the face and body! Lifting and lymphatic drainage effects are achieved!!!
Classic massage Massage is a method of mechanical and reflex action on tissues and organs. Massage prevents the development of flabbiness, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, increases blood circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage, improves tissue nutrition, as a result of which the skin becomes more elastic and elastic, the content of water and fat decreases, puffiness and blue circles under the eyes disappear, complexion improves
Peeling with fruit acids Under the action of various types of acids (glycolic, mandelic, salicylic) superficial controlled damage to the epidermis occurs. The protective properties of the skin improve, regeneration and metabolism increase, skin cells are renewed. Direction of the method: it is used mainly for the correction of skin problems, as well as the prevention of premature aging, photoaging of the skin. It has an anti-inflammatory, brightening, moisturizing and smoothing effect.
Alginate mask Using the method – anti-aging procedures, improving elasticity, turgor, skin tone, tightening the skin of the neck and décolleté, eliminating edema of various localization. Direction of the method: face oval modeling, lifting
Fractional mesotherapy Allows you to quickly, effectively and safely eliminate the external signs of skin aging. Direction of the method: moisturizing, eliminating external signs of aging, improving microcirculation, smoothing wrinkles. Face 2000 Hands 1550
Non-invasive carboxytherapy The cells of the epidermis receive oxygen not from the blood, but directly from the air. As a result, the permeability of the cell membrane increases and the absorption of the active substances of cosmetic preparations increases. Metabolism is normalized, regeneration processes are accelerated, a healthy appearance of the skin is restored. Direction of the method: correction of wrinkles; acne prevention; hyperpigmentation treatment; signs of photoaging; treatment of edema and dark circles under the eyes, moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin.

Permanent tattoo

Name of service Cost, rub.
Cryogenic wrap From 750
Impulse lymphatic drainage + thermoactive wrap From 2000
Bioepilation (wax)
– lower leg
– hip
– bikini
– deep bikini
– armpits
– face
– arms
– shin and thigh

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