Evaluation criteria in the nomination "Choreography"

Goals and objectives of the competition

1. Support for talented children and youth in realizing their creative potential;

2. Promoting the development of the diversity of children’s and youth artistic creativity;

3. Creation of conditions for organizing the exchange of experience of artistic directors of children’s and youth groups and their organizers;

4. Formation and enhancement of the aesthetic interests of the audience;

5. Identification and comprehensive support of the most talented soloists and groups;

6. Creation of conditions for the realization of the creative abilities of children and youth;

7. Formation and expansion of cultural friendly relations between the countries participating in the competition;

8. Acquaintance and communication with famous artists and figures of culture and arts;

9. Improving the professional skills of team leaders and teachers (holding creative meetings, round tables and master classes).

General provisions

1. The competition is held on June 11-12, 2016 in the city of Kemerovo;

2. To participate in the competition, you must fill out an application form in Word format and send it before June 5, 2016 to the email address producer-centr.mixt@yandex.ru

You can request a sample application by writing to us, or you can look at the website http://prod-centr.wix.com/producer-centr-mixt, where you can ALSO fill out an online application.

3. Each team, individual performer has the right to participate in an unlimited number of nominations. For each additional nomination, a separate application form is filled out with a note – * ADDITIONAL NOMINATION

4. The age of the participants is unlimited and is divided into age categories. The full age of the participants is determined on the day of the competition (the discrepancy between the age group can be no more than 30% of the total);

5. The age of the participants can be checked according to the documents by the chairman of the jury;

6. All compositions must be recorded on flash media. It is also obligatory to have backup copies of tracks on CD media. Only the following audio formats are accepted: MP3

7. In the application, indicate whether a breakdown of numbers is needed or the work will be carried out in one block.

The organizing committee reserves the right to make changes and additions to the conditions of the competition

Age categories of participants

Participants of the Competition are divided into age categories:

I age category – “First steps” (children under 5 years old act in this nomination);

II age category 5 – 7 years

III age category 8-10 years

IV age category 11-13 years

V age category 14-16 years

VI age category 17-19 years

VII age category 20-22 years

VIII age category 23-25 years

IX age category 26 and older

X age category Professional (participants with secondary or higher professional education act in this nomination).
XI age category Master and student (teacher and student are assessed).
XII age category Mixed group (teams in which the participants of the main age category make up less than 70% of the total).


Children’s dance (younger age group up to 10 years old inclusive);

Folk and folk-stylized dance – ethnic, folk, characteristic. Dances of different nationalities with exposure to style, technique and music;

Variety – sports dance – a combination of choreography, acrobatics, gymnastics;

Variety dance – traditional variety characteristic dances, disco, classical jazz, folk-stylized, step, mixed style;

Modern dance – contemporary, jazz-modern, modern, neo-folk, afro-jazz, afro, with restraint of style and technique;

classical dance;

Demi-classic – modern vision, performance of classical dance;

ballroom dance ;

Dance show – a great idea, a bright stage embodiment, the integrity of the performance, entertainment! In this nomination, it is possible to use any lighting effects, vocals, circus tricks, speech and other directorial techniques that help to achieve the maximum visual result. The costume acts as an additional effect in the show;

Street dancing – Locking, Popping, Hip-Hop, House, Break-Dance, Crump, Whacking, Vogue, Street Jazz, Dancehall, C-Walk, Electro;

dance solo.

Social dances (Argentine tango, balboa, bachata, boogie-woogie, waltz, west coast swing, zouk, Irish network dances, country, kizomba, lindy hop, car, merengue, reggaeton, rueda, salsa, samba de gafieira, semba, forro, hustle and others).

Mandatory requirements in the nomination “Choreography”:

1. In each nomination, 1-2 competitive numbers are performed (with the exception of the nominations “Dance Show”, “First Steps”);

2. The duration of one performance is not more than 4 minutes;

3. If the specified time is exceeded, the jury may stop the phonogram;

4. In the “Dance show” nominations, the performance is no more than 10 minutes.

5. When making an application, you must write whether you need time for changing clothes.

6. Phonograms must be recorded on Flash media and a double must be on CD!!! The file format is “mp3” only;

7. The flash drive must contain only competition works, and the file name must contain the following information: last name, first name of the participant, or the name of the team (group) – the name of the work.

Sample: 1. Group “Orange” – Sunny,

2. Group “Orange” – Joy

Evaluation criteria in the nomination “Choreography”

1. Level of choreographic training, artistry;

2. Stage culture, costume;

3. Compositional construction of the performance;

By decision of the jury, special diplomas can be awarded:
– “Diploma for the best ballet master’s work”

– “Diploma for artistry”

– “Prize for the youngest participant”

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