Edit the sentence: correct the lexical error by excluding the extra word. Write out this word.

Edit the sentence: correct the lexical error by excluding the extra word. Write out this word.

Option 21

1. Pechorin came from a noble aristocratic family.

2. Sholokhov … wrote “Virgin Soil Upturned” in the hot pursuit of events, when memories of the events were still fresh.

3. No, neither the storm nor the prophecy of a crazy and insane old woman caused Katerina’s confession.

4. As a young man he came to St. Petersburg.

5. Colleagues at work came to visit the sick Nikolai Petrovich.

Option 22

1. My attitude to the present reality is sharply negative.

2. We must overcome all the old remnants and move forward.

3. What attracts me the most in the novel is Natasha Rostova, who has a special artistic charm.

4. I especially like in Oleg his tender attitude towards his mother.

5. Only with one name of Pushkin there is such a feeling of something close, dear.

Option 23

1. Eugene Onegin did not find happiness in his life.

2. Boris, a character in the drama Thunderstorm, has nothing and is completely dependent on his uncle.

3. Mayakovsky’s poem is passionately connected with reality.

4. The physically wounded Falcon wanted to take to the skies once more.

5. He again experiences a new disappointment.

Option 24

1. After the summit meeting, the parties signed an agreement on mutual cooperation.

2. At the end of the year, my benefit performance will take place, and for the first time I will go on stage to my beloved audience.

3. The first buyers were visible behind the stained-glass windows of the store.

4. Residents of our city witnessed a theatrical performance.

5. The first premiere took place.

Option 25

1. No one cares about the life of their neighbor.

2. A young girl sacrificed everything to help her family.

3. If your love is deep and sincere, you are ready to devote your whole life to it.

4. An arsenal of weapons was destroyed in Syria.

5. Patrol ships bypassed the water area of water bodies, checking for mines.

Edit the sentence: correct the lexical error by replacing the incorrectly used word. Write down the chosen word, observing the norms of the modern Russian literary language .

Option 26

1. The mistake of youth cannot be returned.

2. Due to a strong hurricane, the roof was torn off the house.

3. The school held a regional chess tournament. Our class has been defeated.

4. Due to the upcoming military parade, traffic along the main street will be closed.

5. Inveterate patriots, as they called themselves, gathered at the rally.

Option 27

1. This story tells about two lovers who received a “sunstroke”.

2. An announcement hangs at the station: “The cash desk for travel allowances is on the second floor.

3. You can start the meeting: the forum is already there.

4. For free games, we bring many different attributes to the site: reins, sleds, slippers.

5. The number of readers of our library is constantly progressing.

Option 28

1. At the Russian language lesson, we wrote an essay based on a picture. Alyonushka caught my attention: her cheeks flushed, her eyes looked into the distance.

2. The open lesson went off with a bang, the colleagues who attended it were shocked by the highest skill of the teacher.

3. The Battle of Borodino revealed the best that Prince Andrei had in his soul.

4. Colleagues congratulated me on my anniversary.

5. Curling up in a ball and sitting comfortably on a chair, our beloved kitten is sleeping.

Edit the sentence: correct the lexical error by excluding the extra word. Write out this word.

Option 29

1. For a long period of time, we issued a passport.

2. The deep abyss frightened us.

3. The ball thrown by a child jumped up sharply.

4. When the dressmaker sewed the dress, she put two pieces together.

5. When we were in the mountains, the instructor, supporting me, often held out his hand to me so that I could feel confident.

Option 30

1. A huge avalanche of snow rushed at us from the mountains.

2. A satirical cartoon of losers and truants appeared in the school magazine.

3. Suddenly, at a celebration dedicated to May 9, loud music burst out.

4. Students of the Faculty of Philology went to collect folklore.

5. A memorial monument to the heroes who defended the village from the Nazis was erected in Victory Park.

6. Bunin talks about a military lieutenant.


Pleonasms are phrases containing a component that is unnecessary in a semantic sense.

Tautology is an identity, that is, the repetition of what was said in other words or the repetition of words with the same root.

Author’s note:

The extra word in the dictionary was left unmarked.

А Автоматическийрефлекс Акваторияводных объектов Антагонистическаяборьба Ареалобитания Ароматныедухи Арсеналоружия Атмосферный воздух Б Бесполезно пропадает Бесплатный подарок Бестселлер продаж Биографияжизни Большое ивидное место Большое человеческоеспасибо Бывшийэкс – чемпион Букетцветов В Взаимоотношения между супругами Взаимныйдиалог Воднаяакватория Возобновитьсявновь Ведущийлидер Вернутьсяназад Взлетатьвверх Виделсвоими глазами Визуальное изображение Всенародный референдум Возвращатьсяобратно Воспоминанияо былом Вконечномитоге Внутренний интерьер Впервыедебютировал For the first time get acquainted Ahead Temporary deferral All and each Paid ( salary) wages G Heroic feat Death of human victims Giant / huge giant но лишнее) Дополнительныйбонус Дополнительныйовертайм Другаяальтернатива Е Единогласныйконсенсус Ж Жестикулировалруками Живут скучной жизнью З Заданныеданные Заведомаяклевета Заезжийгастарбайтер Злоупотребление пьянством /алкоголизмом/наркоманией Занудный и скучный (одно слово лишнее) Захватывающийтриллер И Избитаябанальность Изобиловалбольшим количеством Имеет местобыть Импортироватьиз -за рубежа Интервалперерыва Интерактивноевзаимодействие Информационноесообщение Исключительноэксклюзивный Истиннаяподоплёка Истиннаяправда Истиннаяреальность IT – technologies K Punitive repression Nodding the head Colleague at work/profession Communicative communication Consensus of opinions Short moment Corrections and amendments (one word is superfluous) Extremely extremist Brief summary 24-hour non-stop L Ladoniruk Ice iceberg Line Power transmission line Personal Face face M Movement route International internationalism Memorial monument Menu dishes Local aboriginal Dead corpse Young girl Young girl a monument Moral and ethical (one extra word) Blinked his eyes Silent pause My autobiography or my autobiography Scanty little things Minus three degrees of frost below zero A minute of time Mimic face Courageous and courageous (one word extra) N At a high professional level Visually demonstrate Most optimal Today = today Legacy of the past Folklore Surprisingly strange Initial basics Resent from indignation Illegal gangs Unused reserves Unfounded fiction Unusual phenomenon Slightly open Unconfirmed rumors Unpleasantly cut hearing Nervous tick Unstable imbalance Nostalgia for you Nostalgia for the homeland About United Union Unite together Huge machine Shard of a broken (thing) Online webinars on the Internet Experimental – experimental (one extra) Experienced expert The main leitmotif of the Otar Sheep Response counterattack Response reaction Retreat back Very tiny P Memorable souvenir of the Patriot country First premiere Relic of the past Time period Feathered birds Permanent constancy Perspective for the future Printed press Writing business Repeat again Underwater diving Climb up … Everyday routine Elderly old man Full right Full carte blanche More usefully destroyed Towards ( ) In my personal opinion Popular hit Visit/visit Forward movement Pre planning Pre-payment Pre-announcement Anticipate in advance Warn in advance Price list, tariffs Dreamed in a dream Production of works Idle idle Downpour Industrial industry Past experience Full house Complete fiasco Assassination attempt (another version) of money P Equal-half The narrator told (another verb) Real reality Revolutionary coup Registry Reorganization of the organization Fish ear S Unauthorized absenteeism The next time The most profitable Summit summit The best Satirical caricature Free vacancy Secret spy Sensor sensor Service desk Service service Clenched fist CD-disk SI system GPS system Speedy expressmeeting Screenshot monitor Joint agreement Joint cooperation Connect together Go down the … Strange paradox Passion for graphomania Strictly taboo Superstitious belief Significant difference Accounting payment T So, for example (one word extra) Secret anonymous Nevertheless, however (one extra word) Black black woman Test trials Dark darkness Crowd of people Just (one of the extra words ) Trampling Traumatic Injury Thirty-man construction workers (and other options) Ceremony of the inauguration Y See with your own eyes See with your own eyes Already existing Already existed Multiply many times Hear with your ears Fell down Established fact Stable stabilization Morning Dawn F Final ending Boosts at an accelerated pace X Brave Hero Timekeeping C Completely and completely (one extra) Valuable treasures – display (one word extra) E Exhibits of the exhibition Emotional feelings Energetic activity Epicenter of events Yu Young youth Young girl I January (and any other) month Note: The pronoun own can act as pleonasm Before his death, he wrote a will.


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