Exercise . Pronounce (read) syllables.

sha – sha shu – su sho – sho shchi – si
sya – shcha shu – shu sho – sho si – cabbage soup
ash – as osh (osh) – axis box – being
yusch – yus seek – is yet (eat) – eat
ash – ash axis – osh (osh) yas – box
yus – yusch ish – seek eat – still (eat)

Exercise . Pronounce (read) words.

1. With direct syllables.

Cheeks, brush, paved, pike, treat, cabbage soup, shield, slot, sliver, bloodhound, sorrel, crack, pinch, goldfinch, puppy, bristle, village, gosling, sieve, jelly, nets, family, strength, Senya, hay, seeds, autumn, sow, Sima, mower, stretcher, foxes, piglets.

2. With reverse syllables.

Bream, thing, vegetable, cloak, ivy, cartilage, pimple, help, hang, maybe, get angry, crucian, scat, drop, ears of corn.

3. Words with sounds u and s.

Welder, porter, glazier, tail, mustache, nose, illuminate, thickened, squinted, brilliant, real, lighting, admiration, luminous.

Exercise . Make sentences with pictures.

Exercise . Speak (read) sentences.

Senya has a box. Sima cooks cabbage soup. There is a blue coat on the wall. The gosling nibbles on the grass. A puppy is squeaking in the hallway. In the nets of bream. Vasya has ticks. Sony has a brush. Hang this item in your closet. There are bream and carp in the pond. Grove near the village. In the aspen grove. Goldfinches on aspens. Vegetables ripen in summer and autumn.

Exercise . Speak (read) texts.

The puppy was so frail!

I fed him everything with cabbage soup,

Protected from the furious cold,

The puppy squealed with joy

Still would! He grew up happy.

Now my puppy is not a puppy, but a dog –


(A. Barto.)


Uncle Semyon and my friend Vasya took me to fish in the pond. Uncle Semyon caught bream and crucian. Bream and carp are fat. I clean bream and crucian. Vasya carries dry branches for the fire, looking for chips. Uncle Semyon is still fishing.

In the cold, take care of your cheeks and nose

Vasya and Senya were returning home. They were in the grove. There is a skating rink in the grove. The guys were carrying skates, they were tired. There was a severe frost. He pinched his cheeks and nose. Vasya rubbed his cheeks, but Senya did not. He did not feel that his cheek was freezing. Vasya saw that his comrade’s cheek turned white.

– Three cheeks, Senya!

“My hands don’t move, they’re cold,” says Senya.

Vasya began to rub his comrade’s cheek with a mitten. And her cheek flushed.

Exercise . Learn the poem by heart.

The goldfinch sings all day long

In a cage on the window

The third year went to him,

And he’s afraid of cats.

And Masha is not afraid

No cat, no goldfinch.

She gave the goldfinch a drink,

And drove the cat away.

(A. Barto.)

Exercise . Pronounce (read) and retell the text.

Goldfinch Foma

My grandson came to visit. I bought him a cage with a goldfinch. The grandson liked the goldfinch, and he named him Thomas. The grandson gave Thomas a sunflower. The goldfinch cracked the seeds, but the shell was hard. The goldfinch was angry. But he liked burdock seeds. Cat Vaska tried to catch a goldfinch. But Foma was protected by a cage. Then Vaska got used to Thomas. And the goldfinch gradually stopped paying attention to him. We loved listening to the chirping of the goldfinch.

In the summer, the grandson took the cage out into the garden. Other goldfinches sat on the cage. Selected seeds. And they fell into a trap. Foma was angry with the newcomer goldfinches. My grandson didn’t like them either. They sang worse. He gave goldfinches to his comrades.

Once Foma almost got caught. The neighbor’s cat crept up to the cage. Foma got used to Vaska. That’s why he ignored the cat. But other goldfinches were alarmed. And the cat did not have time to grab Foma.


Exercise . Pronounce (read) syllables.

sha – sha shu – shu shchi – shi she – she
sha – sha shu – shu shi – shi she – she
ash – ash yush – yush esch – esh
ash – ash yush – yush esh – still

Exercise . Pronounce (read) words.

sha – sha

thick – carcass squeak – deprive thicket – crack bowl – decide grove – powder sorrel – put sage – interfere with promise – interfere with visit – hang tame – decorate

What – what

silk – silk brush – cheek fur – peeled whisper – stewed paved – slaked

shu – shu

food – I’ll treat you – I’ll bite a pike – I’ll forgive a fur coat – I ask you to put it – I’m in a hurry

Shchi – shi

food – write protection – sewn raincoats – our cracks – solve bream – ruff things – yours

She – she

sliver – neck seeks – writes rotation – solution twitter – rustle thicker – quieter

Exercise . Name the items in the pictures.

Exercise . Speak (read) sentences.

Sushi wet things. Pasha goes to the grove. Grisha has a puppy. Dasha’s cheek hurts. Sasha cracks nuts. Masha’s cheeks are pink. The branch under Misha crackled. Shchi and porridge are our food. We caught bream and ruff. Cloaks are hung in the closet. Good ear from pike and ruffs. Aunt Dasha treated Masha. You promised not to interfere. The people are noisy in the square. We tore sorrel and sage. The bird chirped, it prevented me from thinking. We decided to return. Leaves rustle and birds chirp. There are only ruffs in the river, and only bream in the lake. You search, you search – you will not find, you will not find – so you will go. Under the water lilies, important breams walk in silence.

Exercise . Complete sentences with pictures. Speak (read) sentences.

At coat is thick.

Released from the grove on the highway.

doesn’t like to be scratched

Exercise . Speak (read) texts.

in the grove

Misha and Pasha are good comrades. They went to the grove. They have a puppy with them. Goldfinches in the grove. Goldfinches chirp. Misha and Pasha were playing with the puppy. The puppy was running. Then a magpie flew into the grove. She crackled. The puppy was frightened and squealed. Misha and Pasha were funny.

Ice drift

Shura and Masha went to the river. They watched the ice drift. Ice cracked. There was a terrible noise. Powerful force broke ice floes. For some reason, the little puppy ran to the river. Shu-ra rushed over and pulled the puppy away. The puppy squeaked, but Shura did not listen to him. Shura and Masha dragged the puppy home.

Exercise . Pronounce (read) and retell the text.


I was returning from hunting and walking through the grove. The dog ran ahead. Suddenly she reduced her steps and began to sneak.

In front sat a young sparrow. He helplessly spread his barely sprouting wings.

Suddenly, having fallen from the tree, the old sparrow fell like a stone in front of the dog. He was protecting his child. What an enormous monster the dog must have seemed to him! He squealed and trembled with fear. And yet he did not sit on the branch …

I hurried to call the embarrassed dog and left. I admired the heroism of the little bird. (According to Ya. S. Turgenev.)

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