Exercise . Pronounce (read) syllables.

ra – ra ro – ryo ru – ryu ry – ri
rya – ra ryo – ro ryu – ru ri – ry
ra – rya – re ro – ryo – ri ru – ryu – re re – rya – ra
re – ry – ri ro – re – ri

Exercise . Pronounce (read) words.

Ra – rya

glad – row parade – outfit glad – near the mountain – hot Nyura – Varya front – smart Zhora – Borya hole – holey bark – clumsy play – dive

Ro – ryo

rose – timid birch – rib horns – catkins cow – Cow funnel – rope people – forward frost – birch threshold – stall

Ru – ryu

hands – I take trousers – I cook a circle – a hook cutting – a glass I take – I fight fruit – apricot sugar – a plowman sleeve – a backpack a pod – a hook

Ry – ri

mountains – mountain lynx – rice chickens – chicken trough – Rita couples – soar growl – scream fires – fry balls – fish balls – fungi mosquitoes – mosquitoes

R – r

heat – fry choir – door polecat – door blow – hit the hill – bitterly primer – primer cheese – bubble vigilantly – January dawn – January

Exercise . Name the items in the pictures.

Exercise . Speak (read) sentences.

The brother is cleaning the buckle on the belt. Mom will check my notebook. Nyura and Varya are happy, they are sitting next to each other. Schoolchildren have everything in order – pens, pens and notebooks. Crows hid in fear. They say my brother is a hero. The beautiful bird cherry blossomed over the river. Seryozha took his notebook, the lakes began to repeat. It’s good for us to play hide and seek in the meadow among the grass. There are regiments after a row – a parade on Red Square. Cautious birches hide their leaves from frost.


One hundred and one brothers, all in one row

Together they stand.

( Wattle .)

A hut was built without hands, without an axe.

( Nest .)

Exercise . Complete sentences with pictures. Speak (read) sentences.

Rita pours water into

You have such hands that even ran away

Exercise . Make sentences with pictures

Exercise . Speak (read) texts.

How big Andryushka sits

On the carpet in front of the porch.

He has a toy in his hands –

Rattle with a bell.

(A. Barto.)

To sea

Penguins go to the sea in the morning. Climbing through the gorges. On level ground they walk in single file. Rolling down from the mountains on their belly. The first penguin will lie on his stomach and down, followed by the second, the third … Below they will shake themselves off, line up in a chain and go on their way again.

Penguins will come to a steep bank, look down and roar: high, scary!

The rear ones push against the front ones, swear: you have to jump!

The first penguin will spread its wings and head down. And they take turns jumping off the steep. They emerge from the water, take in air – again under the water. Dive, catch a crustacean, again take a sip of air upwards. In the water, they also swim in a chain, somersault, play. (G. Snegirev.)

Exercise . Learn the poem by heart.


Here is my village

Here is my home;

Here I am on a sled

Uphill steep;

Here the sled rolled up

And I’m on my side – bang!

I roll head over heels

Downhill into a snowdrift.

And boy friends

Standing over me

merrily laugh

Over my trouble.

All face and hands

Made me snow…

I’m in a snowdrift grief,

And the guys laugh.

(I. Surikov.)

Exercise . Pronounce (read) and retell the text.

Two Frosts

( Fairy tale )

Two Frosts met, two brothers. Says one to the other:

– Come on, brother Frost – Blue nose, freeze the people. Another answers:

– Why not freeze? We run, brother Frost – Red Nose, onto the road – maybe we will meet someone. Frosts run, bouncing. They hear someone coming. With bells, a merchant goes to the city, and with a bell, a poor peasant goes for firewood.

Frost – Red Nose ran after the woodcutter.

I, – he says, – will freeze him alive. His sheepskin coat is old and torn, his mittens are full of holes. And you run after the merchant – I can’t deal with him.

Be your way, says the older brother, Frost – Blue Nose.

In the evening the brothers meet. The elder brother, Frost – Blue Nose, pats his mitten with a mitten, and Frost – Red Nose groans.

– Well? he asks his older brother, “froze the merchant?”

“I froze,” says the older brother. Surprised Frost-Red Nose.

— How did you do it?

– And I, – says Frost – Blue Nose, – climbed into his fur coat, hat and boots and made his way. Well, did you manage the peasant?

– I’m not with him, but he coped with me! – Says Frost – Red nose. – I froze him on the way, so he runs after the sled. Can you freeze him on the run? Well, I think we’ll get to the place – then I’ll grab you.

And when they got to the place, he began to cut down a tree, to swing an ax. From work, he is getting hotter and hotter, he took everything off himself, even threw away his mittens! I climbed into a holey fur coat, into a hat, into mittens and let’s freeze them.

And he finished chopping wood and let’s knock me out with a log. It’s good for my sides.

Elder brother says:

You are young, brother. You will live and find out that an ax warms a fur coat better.

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