Commercial offer.

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Commercial offer.

The company “Weather in the House” offers services for the manufacture of stretch ceilings in a short time. We have a wide range of textures of colors and shades of ceilings, which are made from the best European materials.

Stretch ceiling has a number of advantages compared to other methods of finishing ceilings and ceiling systems. One of the significant advantages of using stretch ceilings is that they will hide all the defects of the main ceiling, at the same time they will allow you to hide electrical wiring, communications for any equipment, air conditioners, fire detectors and other utilities.

The popularity of stretch ceilings is largely due to their unique smoothness and evenness. A large selection of color shades allows you to choose ceilings that are most suitable for the design of an apartment or office. And it is also possible to install combined, multi-level ceilings, using decorative lighting, ceilings with photo printing. It is worth noting that, compared with other methods of finishing the ceiling, the appearance of dirt and debris during work is minimal.

It is possible to install almost any chandelier, spotlights in a stretch ceiling. It is also possible to mount curtains and blinds to a stretch ceiling

In case of shrinkage of the building, the ceilings are not deformed. If necessary, the canvas can be dismantled.

Installation is carried out by qualified specialists within 4-6 hours. Basically, the time depends on the size of the room.

Many years of experience in the market of stretch ceilings, allows us to create a wide range of stretch ceiling systems, from the cheapest to the elite. Efficient organization of work can significantly reduce the time from the date of conclusion of the contract to installation, which ranges from 2-5 days.

We offer you cooperation with the company “Weather in the house”:

From U.S:

– Free consultation on the design of the premises using stretch ceiling systems

– Removing the dimensions of the room.

– Development of the layout of the future ceiling

– Calculation of the cost of a stretch ceiling

– Conclusion of a contract with a customer or with your company

– High-quality installation of a stretch ceiling.

– Warranty obligation for 10 years.

5 reasons why you should order from us :

– we produce – we offer real prices

– we produce in the shortest possible time

– we install – we guarantee the quality

If you have already decided to cooperate with us, then Pogoda V Dom can provide you with a program for installing stretch ceilings. The order can be sent to the e-mail of our organization, which will significantly speed up the production time of your stretch ceiling. The guaranteed term of production of a stretch ceiling from the moment of receipt of the order is 2 working days .

We hope that you will consider our proposal with due attention. For our part, we are ready to start considering your counter proposals, as well as signing documents to accelerate joint cooperation.

For orders, please contact from 10:00 to 19:00 by phone 8-950-255-39-99

or at the address Koryazhma, st. Sovetskaya, 10B

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