Business graphics tools – visual presentation of results using charts.

Business graphics is an area of computer graphics designed to visually represent various indicators of the work of institutions. Planned indicators, reporting documentation, statistical reports – these are the objects for which illustrative materials are created using business graphics.

With the help of a rich library of Excel charts, you can create charts and graphs of various types: bar charts, pie charts, column charts, graphs, etc., they can be provided with titles and explanations, you can set the color and type of hatching in charts, print them on paper, change sizes and location on the sheet, and insert charts in the right place on the sheet.

The procedure for constructing graphs and charts in MSExcel is distinguished by its wide possibilities and extraordinary ease. Any data in the table can always be represented graphically. In Excel, the term chart is used to refer to all kinds of graphical representation of numerical data. The construction of a graphic image is based on a series of data. This is the name of a group of cells with data within a single row or column. You can display multiple data series on a single chart.

A chart is an insertable object embedded on one of the sheets in a workbook. It can be located on the same sheet on which the data is located, or on any other sheet (often a separate sheet is assigned to display the chart). The chart remains connected to the data on which it is built, and when the data is updated, it immediately changes its appearance.

To build a chart, they usually use Chart Wizard , launched by clicking on the Chart Wizard button on the standard toolbar

Pie chart

A bar chart is used to compare multiple values at multiple points

Timing diagram – a sequence of operations or processes of a certain duration (measurement of dynamic processes);

A line chart is used to track the change in several quantities when moving from one point to another.

a tiered chart allows you to visually compare the sums of several values at several points, and at the same time show the contribution of each value to the total amount

An area chart or area chart is a hybrid of a tier chart with a line chart. Allows you to simultaneously track the change in each of several quantities and the change in their sum at several points

Histogram – a group of columns proportional in height to certain numerical values;

A circular histogram is a representation of the relative values of objects, which are compared in the image with the size and location of circles in a rectangular coordinate system.

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