Blowing soap bubbles

Winter fun for kids

Many children love winter very much and wait for it all year long. This is due to the large number of holidays and the opportunity to play with snow. But often adults do not know how to entertain their child on the street in winter, and the walk ends quickly. But outdoor games in the fresh air in winter are very necessary to strengthen the body of children.

There are many Russian children’s outdoor games that are held in the winter on the street. We will talk about some of them in our article.

Snowball games

The most common winter fun for children. There are several ways to play it:

Throw snowballs at each other

throw at the target.

Older children will be happy to build various shelters or even entire fortresses from the snow.

roller coaster

You can ride on a sled, ski, plastic oilcloth from snow or ice slides. Before this, children should be involved in the creation and improvement of slides (fill with water, collect stones and debris, make a fence or springboards). While the child is small, it is better if an adult rides with him. If there are a lot of children on the hill, then you can ride in pairs, a train or a race.


It will be very interesting for children of any age to get acquainted with the traces of animals and birds, and then learn to find them in the snow themselves.

Everyone will love the Track to Track game. To do this, you need to run or just walk one after another, leaving no traces, that is, trying to step into the one already set.

Snow modeling

Like wet sand, almost anything can be molded from snow. Of course, the most popular figure is a snowman, but if you wish, you can mold the figures of people, animals or fairy-tale characters. With children 2-3 years old, they begin to sculpt simple pastiches with the help of a bucket and special forms, they learn to roll snowballs. Also, children often sculpt castles, fortresses, fences or houses, which can later be used for role-playing or outdoor games.

Drawing in the snow

One of the safest winter activities for kids is painting in the snow. There are several options for doing it:

drawing on the snow with a stick;

drawing with paints on snow with a brush;

drawing with tinted snow (for this you can use cans of paint or water tinted in advance);

drawing with your own footprints (arms and legs);

drawing with the body or the game “snow angels”, for this you need to fall into the snow on your back and draw a figure using the movements of your arms and legs, but this is possible provided that the child’s overalls are waterproof;

drawing with snow on trees, fences or walls of houses.

With such an occupation, it is necessary to ensure that the child, carried away by drawing, does not overcool.

guess who

Going for a walk with the baby, especially in a park, forest or area where there are many bushes and trees, teach him to find images in the formed snowdrifts. With older children, you can take small buttons or pebbles and complement the snow figures with eyes and a nose.

Blowing soap bubbles

Many children love soap bubbles and often blow them in the summer. And how much joy there will be when, with slow blowing in winter, it freezes, turning into a crystal ball. This is obtained only when the outside air temperature is not lower than -8 ° C.

Role playing games

For children, starting from the age of 7, you can organize real quests, with completing tasks, passing obstacle courses, and various competitions. On their own, they can play “Cossack robbers”, “blind man’s blind man” and other outdoor games, the rules of which have long been known.

At any age, children will be more interested in playing if adults also take part in their games. Therefore, do not refuse to take part in children’s winter fun, it is good for your health and mood.

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