Algorithm for measuring the thickness of the fat fold

I. Preparation for the procedure.

one. Treat hands in a hygienic way, dry.
2. Prepare the caliper for operation, check the operability of the device.
3. Introduce yourself to the patient, explain the purpose and course of the upcoming procedure.
4. Help the patient undress (depending on the measurement site) and take a comfortable position.

II. Execution of a procedure.

5. Determine the place of application of the device according to the traditional method or in accordance with the doctor’s prescription.
6. Grab the skin and subcutaneous fat at the measurement site in a 1 cm fold.
7. Place the caliper on the crease distal to the thumb and forefinger, midway between the apex and base of the crease.
eight. Release the caliper lever while continuing to maintain the crease until the end of the measurement.
nine. After 2 seconds, read the caliper scale.
ten. Repeat the measurement three times, while the results should not differ by more than 1 mm.

III. End of procedure.

eleven. Remove caliper.
12. Communicate the results of the study to the patient.
thirteen. Treat hands in a hygienic way, dry.
fourteen. Make an appropriate record of the results of the implementation in the medical documentation.

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