About the regional stage of the V city competition of search groups "Outstanding Nizhny Novgorod citizens – the history of their discoveries, inventions and innovations, creative achievements"


Head of the Department of General Education of the Administration of the Avtozavodsky District of the City of Nizhny Novgorod

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about the regional stage of the V city competition of search groups “Outstanding Nizhny Novgorod citizens – the history of their discoveries, inventions and innovations, creative achievements”


Teaching is an art, a work no less titanic than that of a writer or composer, but more difficult and responsible.

The teacher addresses the human soul not through music, like a composer, not with the help of colors, like an artist, but directly. He educates with his knowledge and love, his attitude to the world.

(Likhachev D.)

Our society currently needs positive examples that contribute to the formation in the public mind of a positive image of the teaching profession, teacher and the education system as a whole.

The district stage of the V city competition of search groups “Outstanding Nizhny Novgorod citizens – the history of their discoveries, inventions and innovations, creative achievements” (hereinafter referred to as the Competition) is held as part of the implementation of the district mega-project “World of Childhood” in order to identify and promote the most outstanding merits and achievements of figures science, education, education (teachers, educators, professors), confirming the high status of the education system of the Russian Federation.

The competition is designed to tell about the heroes of our time – contemporaries from Nizhny Novgorod, worthy representatives of science, enlightenment and education, whose deeds deserve the same attention and respect as the merits and achievements of their great predecessors.

  1. Tasks:

– Activation of the search movement as the basis of research, creative activity, expansion of the use of innovative methods in teaching.

– Formation of a positive image of the profession of a teacher, pedagogue, as well as employees of all spheres of the education system based on public recognition of personal merits and achievements.

– Creation of conditions for the formation of students’ motivation for creative self-realization; encouragement of independence, civic initiative of children in the process of search activities – the study of the legendary history and traditions of the Nizhny Novgorod teachers.

– Identification, generalization, promotion and encouragement of effective experience in the direction of the competition.

2. Organizers:

– Department of General Education of the Administration of the Avtozavodsky District of Nizhny Novgorod.

– Municipal educational institution of additional education for children “Center for the Development of Creativity of Children and Youth”.

3. Participants:

Search groups of students (up to 5 people) of grades 8-11 take part in the competition under the guidance of class teachers, subject teachers, teachers of additional education.

4. Terms of carrying out:

The competition is held in 2 stages:

Stage 1 – until February 15, 2012 – search activities of schoolchildren in accordance with the theme of the competition

Stage 2 – February 29, 2012 – regional competition.

5. Content, conditions and procedure for the competition:

Competition 2011-2012 academic year : held in the following categories:

– “School teacher”

– “Teacher of secondary schools, technical schools”

– “Teacher of a higher educational institution”

The competition of search groups is held in the following areas:

– Essays

– WEB pages

Search groups independently develop search routes in accordance with the chosen nomination. The result of the work of the children’s search group should be a documentary essay and / or WEB-page about teachers from Nizhny Novgorod.

To participate in the regional stage of the competition, the organizing committee (603101, Nizhny Novgorod, Shkolnaya st., 4, MOU DOD “TsRTDYU”, office 17) before February 15, 2012 sends the following materials:

– Application for participation in the regional stage of the city competition of search groups “Outstanding Nizhny Novgorod citizens – the history of their discoveries, inventions and innovations, creative achievements” (Appendix);

– Essays (on electronic and paper media);

– WEB – pages (in electronic form) with the necessary explanations on paper.

All materials (essays, electronic media) must be properly formatted and signed. Electronic documents should have names that facilitate their quick identification.

The regional stage of the competition consists of a correspondence examination of competitive works (essays and WEB – pages) and their public defense using a multimedia presentation. Multimedia presentations used for protection must be submitted to the organizing committee no later than 5 days before the regional stage of the competition.

Requirements for competitive materials:


The material is presented accompanied by a direct interpretation by its authors. An essay can tell about a teacher or a pedagogical dynasty, highlight his (their) professional path, talk about his (their) achievements.

The essay may contain a story about how the activities of a particular teacher (teacher, lecturer) influenced the definition of areas of pedagogical research, the development (formation) of an educational institution or the education system as a whole, the improvement of the content and methods of teaching disciplines in a general education school and specialized educational institutions, about creation and dissemination of educational technologies, etc.

The essay should evoke vivid impressions about individuals and the significance of their achievements for society, for a particular branch of knowledge, human activity, i.e. it is necessary to find a polyactive (consent) between scientific and documentary presentation on the one hand, and brightness, artistic expressiveness on the other. The essay can be based on social problems, facts and phenomena of social life, subjective motives that guided the characters of the essays.

Essay volume – no more than 5 pages, including visualization (drawings, graphs, photographs, diagrams, designs, etc.) (A4 format, font 14, spacing 1.5. Visualization should be included in the text of the essay, and not be an application to him).

The public defense of essays must be accompanied by a Power Point presentation. Essay defense duration is up to 7 minutes.

Criteria for evaluation:

Essay :

– scientific, incl. historical authenticity, novelty, depth of the presented material and completeness of the disclosure of the topic;

– artistic expressiveness, brightness and accuracy of the presented image;

– compliance with the requirements of this Regulation, including compliance with the genre of a scientific essay;

– accompanying the narrative with the necessary visual materials illustrating the essay.

WEB page:

– A web page is created either manually – using a notepad (classic HTML programming), or in an HTML editor (Front Page, Macromedia Dreamweaver, etc.). When using the editor, remove redundant HTML code.

– The electronic media must contain a folder with the name of the site, which contains HTML files: main (index.htm) and other pages (for example, page1.htm, page2htm …), as well as one or more folders with images used on site.

– Images placed on a WEB page must have the following parameters: resolution 72 dpi, width and height are selected so that the image file size does not exceed 20-30 kb, so that the page loading time from the Internet does not exceed 30-40 seconds. Link to the original high quality image with a hyperlink (opens in another window).

– Do not use active elements on web pages.

– Divide long text into semantic parts (structure), make convenient navigation through the text (transitions to these parts using hyperlinks).

The criteria for evaluating the content of Web pages are similar to the criteria for evaluating an essay.

6. Summing up and awarding:

The winners of the competition are awarded certificates of the general education department of the administration of the Avtozavodsky district of the city of Nizhny Novgorod and are recommended for participation in the city competition.

The curator of the district stage of the competition is Tigin Roman Aleksandrovich, head of the mass department


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